BBB Queso Dip (Beer, Bacon and Brisket Dip)
1 cup cooked brisket, diced
½ cup bacon, cooked and diced
½ cup cilantro, diced
½ jalapeno, diced
¼ cup white onion, diced
½ cup roma tomatoes, diced
8 oz. Jack cheese, shredded
1 lb. Velveeta cheese
½ cup favorite beer
2 can rotel
1 tsp. sazon or cumin seasoning

1. Cook bacon and drain all the grease and dice.
2. In a ½ size foil pan, spray with nonstick spray.
3. Place diced Velveeta, brisket, jack cheese, rotel, cilantro, sazon and beer into the pan.
4. Cook in a smoker, on the grill or in the oven until hot.
5. Mix all ingredients together thoroughly and top with onions, tomato, cilantro and bacon crumbles.
6. Serve with tortilla chips!

Parties, Holidays and Gatherings, Recipes Blog | September 28th, 2022