The many ways your Martin’s Card can make life easier!

Check out the many benefits of your Martin's Card membership:

Use your Card at the checkout and get special savings on select items priced only for the cardholder.

Track and redeem Martin’s Fuel Rewards Savings when you buy qualifying items and you use your Martin's Card at the checkout.

Bloom of the Month club tracks right on your Martin's Card, so it’s simple and easy to redeem your 12 monthly choices when you visit your store.  Visit our Flower Market for more details.

Our Click & Save digital coupon program links your chosen coupons straight to your Martin's Card. Just buy your qualifying items, and you’ll see the savings when you checkout.

Use your Martin's Card when you shop and you may qualify for special, custom-created coupon mailings.

Use your Martin's Card as admission or reduced pricing on special community event or special discounts, like public attractions and fun events throughout the area.

Sign up for a Martin’s Card online or in store!

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