Understanding the finer points of gluten—a protein found in grains such as wheat, rye, barley, kamut, and triticale—is an important part of everyday living for people managing gluten-related diseases, such as celiac disease, psoriasis, and rheumatoid arthritis. Maintaining this special diet may seem challenging at first but with some guidance, can easily be managed.

Click here for our Gluten Free Shopping Guide - be sure to always check labels. Manufacturers are always changing their ingredient lists. If you have questions, try contacting that manufacturer directly.

Martin’s Grocery Gluten Free Top 10, as featured in our weekly circular:

1. 1-2-3 Gluten Free Baking Mixes. Quick and easy gluten-free dry mixes for cakes, biscuits, corn bread, muffins, pancakes and rolls. Developed by and produced in a nut-free, kosher facility by a mom who suffers from celiac disease herself!

2. Erewhon Brown Rice Cereals. Enjoy a bowl of cereal again! Erewhon brand dry breakfast cereal varieties are made with brown rice, so they’re gluten-free. Plus, they’re organic! Several varieties to choose from.

3. Glutenfreeda Instant Oatmeal. While I’m on the subject of breakfast, I have to mention this brand of instant oatmeal. Great for a cold-weather, gluten-free breakfast. Chock full of fruits, they’re made from all-natural ingredients.

4. Glutino Pretzels. Pop in a DVD, settle in your favorite chair and reach for a snack! Glutino brand pretzels are certified gluten free, with the crunch and taste of conventional pretzels. Perfect for lunch boxes, too!

5. Hodgson Mills Gluten-Free Pastas. Made with brown rice, these pastas are a great alternative to wheat-based pastas. Available in the most popular shapes and varieties, they are completely gluten-free, so “spaghetti night” isn’t just once a week anymore!

6. Notta Pasta Rice Pastas. Another staple in the gluten-free pantry, Notta brand pastas are made with rice and have been popular with vegetarian eaters for many years. Check out their web site at nottapasta.com for some great recipe ideas.

7. Lucy’s Cookies. You gotta’ have something sweet once in a while, right? Developed by Dr. Lucy Gibney, an M.D. and mother of a child with celiac disease, they’re one of the nation’s top sellers in the category of gluten free.

8. Schär Pizza Crusts. Gluten-free pizza crust comes preformed. Customize with your family’s favorite toppings, pop in the oven, and dig in! Perfect for kids’ sleepovers and late night snacks!

9. Schär Ciabatta Rolls. A taste of Italy straight from your oven! Award winning, and the first parbaked rolls in the U.S. Light, fluffy and a good source of fiber. Another gluten-free favorite from Schär.

10. Kinnikinnick Cookies. Not the easiest name to pronounce, but wow, this company knows its stuff! Gluten-free stuff, that is. Cookies that taste as good as they look!