How do I apply for a position at Martin’s?

You can fill out an application online at

How do I know which store(s) to choose from on the online application?

You want to apply for the location of the store that you are willing to work at.  The address and city are provided for each location, so you know which stores are closest to you.  The more stores you apply for means there will be more eyes reviewing your application.

What kind of availability is Martin’s looking for?

We are retail, and most locations are open from 6 am-midnight Monday through Sunday.    It is hard for us to hire an applicant just available Monday through Friday from 8 am-5 pm.  We hire to be fair to all associates that help staff the store at any hours of the day.  There are always opportunities for requesting certain times off.  With that being said, we pride ourselves on offering a flexible work schedule that helps our associates maintain a work/life balance.

I applied online – what happens next?

The leadership team at that particular store will review the applications to see which ones fit the store's needs and request an interview if they think you are a possible candidate.  More than one store might view your application to see if you fit their needs if you applied for more than one store location.

I did not receive a call for an interview – now what?

You can call the particular store you are interested in to check on your online application.  Online applications are active for 60 days.


How should I dress for an interview at Martin’s Super Markets?

Business casual attire is ideal.


Does Martins promote from within?

Yes, we do.  That is often why an external candidate is selected for an entry-level position such as cashier, service clerk, or deli associate.  You get to know our company, and you will be promoted based on your strong work ethic and over-the-top customer service!  Even the former CEO of Martin’s Super Markets, Rob Bartels, started as a service clerk.  Your work performance determines how long you stay in that position.