Super Pet Habitat, One Level, Pink Edition

Connectable home system. Hamster. Gerbil. Dwarf Hamster. Mouse. Removable Petting Zone: Allows for instant interaction and is a safe, enclosed location for pets to rest during habitat cleaning. Expand your habitat with fun-nels and accessories. This CritterTrail Habitat is completely connectable and compatible with all CritterTrail accessories and universally connects to Habitrail and S.A.M. systems. Water Bottle & Food Dish: Tip-proof food dish and drip-resistant water bottle insure a constant supply of food and water to your pet. Bubble Wave Fun-nel Design: Tube construction provides an easy way for pets to access all areas of the habitat. Easy-to-Clean Construction: Both top and bottom remove easily to facilitate cleaning. Safe and Quiet Exercise Wheel: Pets can exercise with no disturbing noise, day or night. Ventilated Environment: Unique combination of wire and durable plastic provides quality air flow throughout the habitat. Expandability Ports: Create your pet's dream habitat. Multiple openings allow a variety of connectable accessories to be added. Deep Base: Superior plastic construction is stain and odor resistant. Elevated sides eliminate scattered food, litter and messes. Habitat Measures: 16 in L x 10.5 in W x 11 in H. Super Protect Antimicrobial Technology is built into all plastic interior surfaces providing a healthier, cleaner habitat for your pet. This Super Pet CritterTrail Habitat contains antimicrobial technology which inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungus, mold, algae and biofilm in or on the surface of the plastic habitat which may cause odor, deterioration, degradation, decompression and discoloration. This product does not protect the user or others against food borne or disease causing bacteria. Proper cleaning procedures must be employed. Made in China.