Small Durable Stick

Chew to occupy. Combines real wood with durable strength, creating a stronger, safer stick. Contains real wood! Safer than real sticks. Great for dogs that love to chew. Non-toxic. Natural wood small that dogs love. Products with purpose. Combines real wood with synthetic strength. Non-toxic, durable material is safer than real sticks. It floats. Natural wood small attracts and keeps dog's interest for hours. Great for dogs that love to chew. Guide to your dog's chewing needs. To Satisfy: Providing super durable, interesting chew toys that are difficult to destroy. For power chewers and dogs with a strong desire to chew. For puppies that are teething and chewing inappropriate items. To help minimize destructive behavior. To Occupy: Providing chew toys that attract and keep dogs interested and busy. To help reduce boredom that can lead to destructive behavior. To distract and keep your dog engaged in appropriate activity. To calm through focused behavior. For Dental Health: Providing toys that help enhance health of teeth, gums and jaws. To help remove soft tartar as dog chews. To help clean teeth, soothe tender gums and freshen breath. To exercise jaw muscles and maintain strength. Materials made in USA. Assembled in China.