Get your discharge prescription before you leave the hospital.

Statistics show that one in five patients leaving a hospital never have their prescriptions filled. Often patients have to seek further medical care because medications are not taken properly, or at all. Martin’s Pharmacy and Saint Joseph Health System have teamed up to offer you the best chance of healing with a new Meds To Go program available at  St. Joseph Mishawaka Medical Center.

Meds To Go can make your recovery less stressful and reduce the chance of readmission. Designed with you in mind,  this program conveniently eliminates the need for a stop at the pharmacy on the way home.

How does Meds To Go work? 
  • A nurse or other caregiver will work with you to determine if you can benefit from the program.
  • Meds To Go staff member will schedule a confidential visit with you to collect information to fill your prescriptions on discharge.
  • Meds To Go staff member will process your prescriptions through our onsite Martin’s Pharmacy, then deliver the filled prescriptions to you in your room. All final paperwork and payment will be completed at this time.
Meds To Go benefits

Meds To Go can expand on the information you receive from doctors and other caregivers. A pharmacist is available to answer your questions to help you understand how to take your medications, as well as give you other important instructions about your prescription.

Meds To Go can can aid your recovery because you’ll have medications ready to take immediately after discharge. It reduces missed dosages and eliminates the need to travel to a pharmacy after discharge.

We accept the following payment methods:

  • Insurance
  • Personal checks with Martin’s Card
  • Debit/credit cards including:
    • Visa
    • Mastercard
    • American Express
    • Discover