Martin's Bloom of the Month Club!

Martin’s Flower Market Bloom of the Month Club is perfect for moms, daughters, sisters, best friends … anyone!  Your loved one or friend will enjoy a different bouquet of fresh flowers every month.

How does Bloom of the Month Club work?

Martin’s Bloom of the Month Club entitles its recipient to receive 12 months of fresh-cut flower bouquets! Just visit the Flower Market at your neighborhood Martin’s and pick up the designated bouquet of the month.

How much does “Bloom of the Month Club” Cost?

The annual subscription costs $85 plus tax. If you add up the value of all of the flowers for the year, it has a value of over $100!

How do I activate my subscription?

It’s easy! Once your card has been purchased or gifted to you, take the card to the customer service desk at your local Martin’s. They’ll connect your subscription to your Martin’s Advantage Card and your bloom points will be loaded.

Each month, you’ll receive a reminder on the bottom of your sales receipt to pick up your bloom. Head to the Flower Market, pick out your monthly bouquet, and then just show your Martin’s Advantage Card at the checkout. Then you’ll be on your way with fresh flowers!

If you forget to pick up your bouquet one month, that’s okay! Your blooms will just be added back into the calendar. You won’t miss any blooms!

Click here to order your Bloom of the Month Club subscription online from Parties by Martin's!


January: Dozen Rose Bouquet
February: Garden Bunches
March: Petals Bouquet
April: One Bunch of 10-stem Tulips
May: Garden Bunches
June: Petals Bouquet
July: Dozen Rose Bouquet
August: Garden Bunches
September: Petals Bouquet
October: Dozen Rose Bouquet
November: Petals Bouquet
December: Petals Bouquet