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Family Meal Facts

  1. Family Meals Fuel Better Nutrition.
    The more family meals families share, the better they eat, literally. 3+ meals per week = 24% increase in heathy food consumption. (Pediatrics, 2011)
  2. Family meals set the stage for meaningful and sustainable change.
  3. Family Meals Fend Off Risky Behavior
    The more families share meals, the less likely their kids are to drink alcohol, smoke or use marijuana.
    Family Meals help safeguard youth against harmful effects of cyberbullying
  4. Family Meals Foster Emotional Balance
    Frequent family meals increase self-esteem, a sense of well-being, positive social behaviors and stronger family relationship.
  5. A family meal can be as simple as a meal with close friends.
  6. Family Meals Make the Grade
    Kids – from elementary to high school age – who eat meals with their families four times a week or more earn better test scores and succeed in school.
  7. Adolescents are happier, more fulfilled and have better body image when they regularly enjoy family meals